Our mission is to strengthen families and improve the quality of life for residents in unincorporated East Harris County through arts and culture-based community engagement and to use the arts to promote social and economic justice in the region.


Our vision is to provide a high quality performing arts and cultural organization that offers residents in unincorporated East Harris County the opportunity to experience the wide-ranging benefits of the arts and intentional community engagement without leaving their community. 

We also seek to establish and drive a creative economy in unincorporated East Harris County that includes job growth, housing and economic development, and placemaking.


When fully realized, the vision will result in a community in which

  • The lives of unincorporated East Harris County residents are enriched by access to and participation in a diverse spectrum of arts and cultural experiences;
  • The arts are woven into the fabric of daily life within the community—promoting civic engagement, encouraging collective problem solving and building bridges across cultures;
  • The history, culture, and contributions of people of color is preserved, shared, and celebrated in unincorporated East Harris County;
  • School children in unincorporated East Harris County receive quality arts education so that they can reach their full potential, including advanced education;
  • The community is revitalized, enriched and enlivened by art and culture;
  • The arts enjoy strong, sustained public support;
  • Unincorporated East Harris County becomes a tourist destination spot;
  • The creative sector is a major segment of the overall economy of Unincorporated East Harris County;
  • The arts are recognized as crucial to the local economy;
  • Public and private resources for the arts increase and are sustained
  • The Harris County Cultural Arts Council is recognized as an innovative agency and known as a regional leader among state and national arts agencies for its exemplary work; and
  • The Harris County Cultural Arts Council is a source for policy development and builds a strong foundation for the arts in our city and our state.

  • The arts are a societal cornerstone that bring people together and build community.
  • The arts must be accessible to all regardless of income or ethnicity.
  • The arts are the primary mechanism for preserving, sharing, and celebrating the history of culture of all people groups
  • Arts education is an essential tool in developing the whole person and therefore, must not only be a part of the educational system, but must also be a part of everyday life.
  • The Harris County Cultural Arts Council should lead the way in increasing access to the arts for residents of unincorporated East Harris County.