The intersection of art and activism present opportunities for creative expression, community dialogue, and shared cultural experiences that can awaken social consciousness and lead to meaningful change. Further, the arts can improve quality of life, expand local economies and drive economic growth. 

As the singular cultural arts venue in unincorporated East Harris County, Harris County Cultural Arts Center (HCCAC) is leading the way to ensure that residents in unincorporated East Harris County benefit from all that the arts and culture have to offer.

HCCAC began as a summer arts program in 1999 and formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2018 as a recovery response to Hurricane Harvey.  HCCAC is the first and only organization of its kind in unincorporated East Harris County (UEHC) that nurtures, promotes and celebrates the arts and culture within the community. Through the arts, we seek to build a stronger, healthier, more connected, and more resilient community. 

Priorities include community place-making, providing a venue for cultural organizations and professional artists, advocating for cultural funding, enhancing arts education, and marketing UEHC a destination for cultural tourism.


HCCAC believes that the arts are essential to the healthy development of the mind, the body, and the soul, and are a means of understanding ourselves and others. We believe that one cannot fully benefit from the human experience apart from the arts and that the arts help break through cultural barriers and create a stronger, more connected, more just society. We further believe that the earlier and more frequently people are exposed to the arts, the more they will benefit. Therefore, we exist to ensure that residents in Unincorporated East Harris County are represented by and can experience the arts within their home community.


Unincorporated East Harris County will be a community where the arts and culture are used to drive and sustain a stronger, healthier, more connected, more resilient, community. 


    The mission of Harris County Cultural Arts Center is to increase arts access for underserved communities and to preserve, share, and celebrate the histories and cultures of  Black and LatinX people.


    Culture, Community, Collaboration!

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