HCCAC to Curate Art Exhibit for

                               Black History Month @Avenida Houston

                                                                     “Honoring Our Elders and Encouraging Young African American Artists in Houston”

For More Information Contact:
Sam Smoots, Director of Institutional Advancement

Phone: 832-356-4378

Houston, February 1, 2022

The Harris County Cultural Arts Council (HCCAC) will curate the art exhibit on behalf of Walker Entertainment Group which has been contracted to produce the Houston Black Heritage Festival by Houston First. 

The arts component of the festival will honor and promote the work of Houston based African American fulltime professional artists, provide a platform for working emerging artist as well as for beginning artists from area schools. Ted Ellis, HCCAC’s Institutional Fellow, who facilitated this opportunity will headline the opening of the Exhibit.  Other prominent professional artists who will participate includes 82-year-old Alice Patrick, the first woman muralist in Los Angeles, Jean Mathieu-Baptiste, who was commissioned by Mayor Turner to create a portrait of Travis Scott.Cardell Miles, a prominent art gallery director and prolific painter

The list of local emerging artist who will participate includes Shawn Artis, Cecilie Nicole Baxter, Torrey Daniels, Linda Simeon Kelly, Linda Luna, Madelyn McCraney, Allyson Bryant Moon, LaSonya Polk.  Beginning artist, Devine Decuir, a senior at Spring High School, rounds out the list of artists from 18 years old to 82 years young.

The selected artists will be provided free exhibit space and allowed to keep all the earnings from the sale of their work.  Michelle Bonton, HCCAC’s Founder and Executive Director stated that “this opportunity reflects our ongoing efforts to promote and support the local arts and culture industry in the Houston – Harris County area which has experienced significant losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”  In September 2021, HCCAC initiated Project BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS to provide crisis shelter, studio, exhibit, and rehearsal space to artists from New Orleans of all genres who were impacted by Hurricane Ida. 

The Black History Month @Avenida Houston will feature live musical performances, various vendors, and the art exhibition each Saturday in February in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center from 1pm – 5pm. 

The mission of Harris County Cultural Arts Center is to increase arts access for underserved communities and to preserve, share, and celebrate the histories and cultures of African American and LatinX people.  The HCCAC is housed in 20,000 sq ft. multipurpose venue that provides space for art exhibitions, concerts, plays and much more.

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