ANDREA BONNER is a native Houston and owner of Style on Demand, a fashion consulting business.  She is also chair of Consumer Arts and Sciences at Houston Community College where she leads the department and teaches courses related to the fashion industry.  Andrea is convinced that using her platform to share her knowledge and equip her students for futures in fashion has been her true calling.

“Once I started working with students, this huge light bulb went off,” she says. “This is where I want to be. I really enjoy teaching students, and I always tell them that fashion is a multi-trillion-dollar industry globally and that there is definitely opportunity out there for them to make a living in fashion. Working with students to show them what those opportunities are and how they can do well in the industry is where I found my footing and my sweet spot.”

Serving as a board member at HCCAC is a natural fit for Andrea and gives her an opportunity to bring her organizing trendsetting skills in style to the performing and visual arts sector to help advance HCCAC’s mission and goals.

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