HCCAC is the first and only organization of its kind in the area.  It was birthed in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey as community leaders recognized the importance of building community resiliency to insure wholistic recovery not only from Harvey and other disasters like it, but also to insure a community that thrives!  Through the arts, we seek to build a stronger, healthier, more connected, and more resilient community.

The Council strives to be a strong, multi-faceted local arts advocate with priorities that include community place-making, providing a venue to cultural organizations and professional artists, developing and advocating for cultural funding, enhancing arts education, providing services that build capacity and marketing East Harris County as a destination for cultural tourism.

The Council is a private, non-profit, membership-based corporation. As the sole agency in East Harris County for cultural development, the Council leads the way in nurturing, promoting and celebrating the arts and culture within the community.

The Council has committed its energies and resources to being a catalyst for the establishment of new cultural institutions, and encouraging opportunities for individual professional artists and community-based grass roots organizations through technical support and capacity building initiatives.

The highlight of our work is the creation of the Cultural Arts Center.  The Cultural Center is a beautiful 20,000 square foot facility that houses an art gallery, a 750-seat performing arts venue, a conference center and an incubator program that provides various services and supports for other community based organizations.


Barbara A. Gaston


Board Member
Josette Simeon


Director of Institutional Advancement
Samuel D. Smoots


Board Member
Randy Snyder


Board Member
Leyla Cantu

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